Monday, April 13, 2009

The proposed changes

After reviewing Sha's Homestead 37 plans (thanks Sha if it was not for your blog postings we may never have considered these changes) and more sleepless nights tossing up whether or not we should include a WIP in leiu of the garage workshop we have submitted them to our sales consultant.

We have also decided to go with the electric heat pump hot water instead of solar.

The rubbish dumpers

Visited the block again and found more rubbish dumped on our block. Looks like we have a landscaper near by who thinks its cheaper to dump his rubbish on our block. Its not grass cuttings but large chucks of old concrete, wire and soil. Does anyone know what is the best way of deterring dumpers onto our block?

Friday, April 10, 2009

Colour Ideas

Oh the fun has just begun again, just received the colour package from Newstart this week.

I guess we should state that this is our second build. Our first house was built by Coral Homes (around five years ago now) and it was a great experience. We have not one bad word to say about Coral Homes and if they had a house that suited us we would not have hestitated to have built with them again.

Been driving around new estates getting colour ideas for roof, gutter and brick combinations. As part of the April promotion we signed with Newstart we are able to get colorbond roofing which is different to our last build where we used cement tiles and due to covenant we had to have that house smooth rendered. It was also a 2 storey house so even though we have done it before this one will be totally different.

So far, we are leaning towards deep ocean blue for the roof, a light coloured brick with off white mortar. Still debating whether or not the garage door should be of the same colour as the roof.

Going to visit a heap of display homes again to get ideas on kitchen, bathroom cupboard/bench top colours next. Its also the first time we will be using stone (20mm ceasar) for all the benchtops in the kitchen, laundry, bathroom and ensuite areas. Again thanks to another April promotion special from Newtstart. (I'm sure we are paying for it indirectly in the price somewhere lol).

Still undecided on what hot water system to use. With a family of 5 and no direct town gas to our block, we will definitely not be using the standard supply option of instantaneous gas hot water. So its down to solar or electric heat pump. Knowing how badly we manage day to day tasks, we will most probably go for the electric heat pump system as we like the set and forget solution. Apparently with solar someone will need to remember to turn on the boost when the hot water runs out at night or it will be cold showers in the morning.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Off again

Just signed a new preliminary agreement with Newstart Homes today. Now, waiting for the soil tests to come back again.

The picture is the very early stages of our house planning process. We are hoping we won't be changing too much from the original Newstart Homestead 37 plans. Of course none of this is final (just a starting point).

The false start

Oops, after signing a preliminary agreement with Hallmark and them taking their sweet time in getting back to us (7 weeks), we found a builder which will build a house that will better suit our block/family.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The block

This is the piece of land where our new dream home is going to be built on. Of course, we are hoping that the bank will fund the build project.

Our land is approx 5999 m2, but our development envelope is what is cleared (at least we only have trees and snakes as our back neighbour lol).