Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Front right side of the house

Before and after pictures of the front right. Still need to get this side fenced along with another set of gates for the right side driveway.

Landscaping the Front of house

Side access beside the garage. The neighbour and I put the colorbond fence up over a couple of Saturdays. Didn't think it was too bad for a couple of novice fencers. The gates are still sitting in the garage maybe next weekend's job.
Look the seedlings are starting to grow on the nature strip.
Rich's mailbox. I completed the capping as Rich had to head on home to the UK. Couldn't find too many 500x500mm pavers so had to buy what we could. Going to paint them a different colour (most probably a brownie colour). Not decide with the snail and turtle going to stay yet either.

Landscaping the Backyard

Outside the Laundry, before the concreting, after the concreting and now the beginning of the stairs. I'm not the world's fastest brick layer taken me most of the weekend to get two steps only another three to go lol. Not the world's greatest brickie either but at least I'll give it a go. All thanks to Richie's mailbox creation (you will see with my front of house postings) that I have decided to give bricking one more go.

Some of the back yard earth works. Before and after shots.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Hallway blue LED lights

The effect of the CFL lights and the blue LED lights. Think it will be great when the tiles are finished.

Tiling and Lighting

Some updates on the Tiling and kitchen and Alfesco lights.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Let the tiling begin

After waiting all day the tiles finally got delivered at 4pm. (At least we had all day to do planning lol).

way, we (I mean Rich) got a few tiles laid before it got dark.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

We have handover this morning.... YAY

Does it show we are a little excited? Going to get the keys this morning, the tiles are on their way and we are ready to start putting in those lights. Pictures to follow...

Monday, May 17, 2010

And... Finally the ensuite

The ensuite with the spa bath.

Can't wait for handover so we can get started on the tiling. We got our tiles from Top Tiles 600x600mm procelain at a very very decent price (we can highly recommend them for value). Got all our glues/grout from them as well and we saved a fortunate.

Also, have to give our security screen guy a plug too. Fantastic job at a fantastic price. (I'll try and post the pics tomorrow).

Main Bathroom / Laundry tub

The tiles really go with the circular bath. The bath sprout is getting changed the one on just dominates the bath so we have opted for a shorter one. Glad we paid extra for the sink and tap set. The laundry tub and stone is something different and the best bit it was part of the promotional package.

Kitchen Views

The door is to the Walk In Pantry which we really like. The glass splash back contrast nicely with the tiles we choose and the microwave tower/fridge space doesn't look too bad either.

The entrance Hallway

Inside and outside view of the main entrance. We like the wood stain effect.

Views on the outside

Lets start with the front and side outside pics.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Just a quick update - pics to following

Sorry to all our followers been a little lazy updating our blog but now that I'm on holidays from work I'll try to get the pictures updated.

Anyway, the reason I'm on holidays is because the house is going to be handed over next Tues/Wed.

Can't wait except all the work to be done still. Starting with, the electrical, the tiling, the carpets, concreting, fencing then we can move in yay.

I promise pictures tomorrow night. Going to get the latest photos tomorrow so I will upload them then.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Bricking Stage completed

Well, the brick work has completed. Lost a couple of days to the rain gods but gee we think the bricks look great. The giprock has also started. The pictures were not very exciting so I only added the ensuite at least it looks the most complete.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Wow the colorbond roof completed in a day

Its the day after Australia Day and surprise surprise the colorbond roof was completed. It was after 5pm when we took the pictures and with the grey clouds the pictures makes the roof look more grey than brown. The roof and gutter colour is jasper.

The sarking has also been wrapped around the house.