Saturday, July 25, 2009

All systems are go well almost

We got the best news yesterday, our building loan has been approved (paper work to be sent to us soon) and its all systems go except...

Got an email from the builder too, apparently the certifier had been in contact with Redland Council and oh no the dreaded word "overlays" are present on our block of land. The advice go and get a town planner to do a submission for the overlays. Not on their life I will do that I thought. So, we went and spent some hours with the council town planner.

Turns out there are a lot of overlays on our block but all have been met by the developer except some new ones just to make our life interesting. They are heritage Place and Character Precinct overlay (and its adjoining state) which is straight forward to complete and low level landslide overlay which again is easy to complete.

So, what is all the fuss about then? Think the town planner like his job too much and before doing his research saw all the overlays listed on our block and took it to town.

I tell you if the town planner does not approve our building application, I hope he has plenty of room at his house as I'm moving the family in until we get our approval. Its ok for them to collect rates from me every quarter but when it comes to building apps well no that is a different proposition.

The customer service officer is trying to tell me its like buying a car, buyer beware and I'm trying to tell her yes it is but if its built to specification (which I'm sure the developer had to jump all the loops to get the land developed and registered in the first place) then these overlays should be a no brainer. Anyone interested in the overlay fact sheets, the council was kind enough to give me all of them to read. At least I know that my rates and taxes are well spent, NOT!

So for now, I guess we will wait and wait some more.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Contracts signed

Well, its been a little while since the last update mainly because there has not been any exciting things to write about.

We also got a letter from Council this week that they have approved the plumbing and drainage plans so guess its all moving forward now.